Baby Steps

Baby Steps - Teaser

Small Milestones for a Continuous Project

This is my second attempt to bypass the problem, that probably everyone has ... time, or rather the lack thereof,
it always grows way over my head in complexity, or gets interrupted by stressful times at work.
If none of the above i just loose interest in the project i started at some point.
With this i want to create a project that always provides "value" and "gratification" by
simple chunking the size down to something that should always fit into any schedule.
Instead of planning on creating the next game with a new mechanic, that i am not even sure is fun,
I will focus on creating really small improvements on a consistently developing base of projects,
where every project is just a little bit more complex than the previous project, but always one step further to learning or an actual fun game.

The Rules

The Rules

For this to work i need to set up some rules, on how i start or continue on this project.

  1. Always use an existing project of this series as a starting point.
  2. Only ever create a single new feature for the new Project
  3. Document the learnings

Of course the first project will be kind of an exception, but i will try to start really minimalistic.