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Welcome to my personal website, your go-to spot for checking out my projects and getting the inside scoop. I make sure to spice things up by offering live demos for most projects. Why? So you can roll up your sleeves and try them out right in your browser. Dive in and enjoy the ride!


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About me

I'm a software developer from Germany, immersed in the coding world since my early days. My journey kicked off with Turbo Pascal and grooved into C++. After i graduated from school, I ventured into university, snagging a bachelor's degree in computer science. That's where I got to mingle with cool languages like Java and Haskell.

Post-uni life led me to the buzzing realm of software development. I had some interesting rendezvous with PHP and JavaScript along the way. Now, I'm rocking the role of a full stack developer. When I'm not in work mode, I like to dive into playful projects—think little games and interesting scenarios. Lately, I've been catching the AI bug and exploring the exciting world of machine learning. It's a journey filled with fun discoveries!


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