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[BS-08] Tower defense

I went a little over what this series was intended to be. Meaning i added too many features, too the point that it is almost playable. This sounds like a positive thing, but this also came along with a lot of unclean and inline solutions,  because it al

[BS-07] Menu

Interacting with a Menu A demo of a menu to interact with. Features With this demo you can simply select a few options in a nested menu, while the path to the last selected item will be displayed in the center of the screen. You can interact with the me

[BS-06] Sounds Nice

Now with Sound This time i added music and sound effects. Features Same as "[BS-06] Bricks", but you can hover the audio icons in the top right to increase/decrease the volume, or click to mute/unmute the music or sound effects. Upcoming I should proba

[BS-05] Bricks

A First with Gameplay This step admittedly added more features,  than i was aiming for with this project series,  that is why i will likely spend some follow up projects cleaning up some features to handle them properly. We now have:Mouse controlled ph