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[BS-04] Bouncing Balls

Now with Images Next up was adding images to the project. Basically just replacing the letters with AI-generated balls. Features Pressing spacebar will spawn new balls with a random velocity. The balls can bounce off the canvas and each other transfering

[BS-03] Text Collider

Adding simplistic Physics For the step i wanted to add collisions. The words and letters were already colliding with the wall, so letting them collide with each other seemed like a natural way to progress. Features The controls stay the same as for the t

[BS-02] Text Spawner

Playing with inputs Since i now had bouncing text already working,  i went for more text and user generated text next. Features The user can type words and send them flying across the screen. Upcoming Next we probably should make them collide and bounc

[BS-01] Bouncing Text

The first step After we had established the basic "Framework" in Step 00 we now add a little dynamic into the application. Features In this project we let a recangle with some text bounce around on the screen always staying inside the screen. Upcoming A